custom sOLUTIONS
for iOS and Android phones

Nextologies delivers custom-built mobile app solutions, executed on-time and on-budget. Our meticulous attention to detail and design, coupled with our extensive technical expertise, will guarantee you an app that achieves your business goals. We have a proven track record of rapidly deploying quality, customized innovative applications on iOS and Android platforms.



When designing an app, careful planning and strategic implementation is needed. Our team will work with you to brainstorm and map your idea, translating your vision into an app that will help your business stand out in a competitive global marketplace.


Wireframes are an important step in app development. They visually strip the product down and enable all parties involved to focus purely on functionality and user interactivity to ensure a solid foundation for your success.


Our design experts will work with you to craft a polished, cutting-edge design to match your brand, exceed market requirements and provide a seamless user experience.


Our development process adheres to the latest coding standards and considers the technology shifts of tomorrow. Our diverse team constantly learns from and challenges each other to build fast-loading, highly optimized products.


Rigorous testing ensures that your app is easy to use, completely secure and launch worthy. We use a comprehensive suite of test frameworks, tools and techniques to guarantee the performance of the application on various platforms with different screen sizes, resolutions and viewing environments – therefore delivering a zero-bug app.


Our project managers ensure your launch is a success. Their extensive knowledge of the app submission process to the App Store and Google Play store (including listing and descriptions, gathering assets, regional submission, technical delivery and all other requirements), guarantees a timely approval with no surprises.


We provide continued support and maintenance to ensure that your app uses the latest technologies and flawlessly operates on future platform releases. This includes adding new features to enhance the apps functionality to stay ahead of the curve.